4 Important Information You Need To Share When Seeking An Auto Wrecker Service

As a car owner, it is important to have a towing company's contact information in case of an emergency. Your engine might overheat, the tires could get punctured, or you get into a collision. As you drive, you never know when you might encounter a problem that needs an auto wrecker service. Therefore, you need to know what to expect when you reach out to an auto wrecker service.

The following are some things the auto wrecker company will ask. 

1. Your Location

The exact location of your car is important when seeking auto wrecker service. The towing company will need to determine the time required to reach your location. It is also crucial to note that the process of removing a car from a parking lot is easier than retrieving a car from a busy highway or deep in the forest. If you are in a remote location, the service provider might ask you to direct you to their location, identify the nearest landmark, or send your pin location using your smartphone.

2. Car Information

Most drivers know their vehicle details and can share relevant information when necessary. For example, your auto wrecker service might require you to highlight the car model, size, year of manufacture, and weight. The condition of the vehicle may also be crucial.

So, why is this information important when requesting a tow truck? This information will help the specialists determine what type of tow truck to send for help. They may also ask you to describe the condition of your vehicle to know whether it needs extra precautions and measures to ensure successful towing. For instance, a wheel-lift truck is ideal when hauling a mildly damaged vehicle, while flatbeds are suited for severely damaged or stalled cars.

3. Insurance Information

Some insurance companies cater to the expenses associated with roadside assistance services. The auto wrecker company will request your insurance information to confirm if your insurer will cater to the service. The service provider might also send you an invoice if you plan to pay for the service and deal with the insurance company later.

4. Destination Address

Where do you plan to take the vehicle after the breakdown or accident? Many car owners prefer to haul the vehicles to an auto service shop immediately. If that is the case, have your mechanic's address and contact information at hand to avoid delays.

If you need auto wrecker services for whatever reasons, you should ar yourself with relevant information for quick and convenient services. Avoid temptations to accept assistance from other drivers and let the auto wrecker company deliver your vehicle to your desired destination in one piece.

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