Is It Possible To Jump-Start An Electric Car?

There's something wonderfully old school about jump-starting a car. Connect the batteries, start the engine, and one car has resurrected the other. It's a simple method that has gotten countless drivers out of a sticky situation. However, the method isn't quite as simple if you drive an electric car, which more and more vehicle owners are doing. Figures from 2020 estimated that there are some 1.8 million electric vehicles on the road, and this number has increased more than three times since 2016. This means that jump-starting an electric car is a problem that an increasing number of drivers might experience. But is it actually possible?

Not a DIY Job

Yes, it's possible to jump-start an electric car, but there are some caveats. Under no circumstances should one electric car be used to jump-start another. It's not as simple as using one vehicle's battery to power the other's 12-volt system. The 12-volt system (which is an admittedly low wattage) exists to start the car, not power it. Jump-starting an electric car with another car's electric battery requires a connection between the two 12-volt systems, and the originating wattage is throttled, meaning that it's unlikely to offer sufficient wattage to activate the destination battery.

Finding the Battery

The engine configuration of an electric car is different from that of a fuel-driven internal combustion engine. Someone who ordinarily knows what they're looking for when they pop the hood might be lost when that hood reveals an electric motor. In short, various components are often located in different locations in an electric vehicle. Even though it's an extremely unwise course of action, you can't even think about jump-starting an electric car if you can't locate its 12-volt system, which might not be easily accessible. So does this mean that jump-starting isn't a solution when your electric car is unable to start?

The Professional Touch

It's quite simple to jump-start an electric car. What you need to do is contact a roadside assistance provider who offers a vehicle jump-start service for electric vehicles. Be sure to specify that your vehicle is electric so the appropriate equipment can be dispatched. Jump-starting an electric car is dependent on having the necessary tools and expertise, so it's just a matter of calling for assistance when needed.

When your electric car needs a jump-start, you need to ask for assistance instead of taking matters into your own hands, which can cause untold damage to your vehicle and can also void the warranty. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a vehicle jump-start service.

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