Keep Safe While Awaiting Roadside Assistance

If you find yourself stranded on the road due to having a non-working vehicle, it is likely you will contact a towing service for help. Roadside assistance services give a patron the peace of mind that time on the roadway is limited and that their vehicle receives prompt attention so it is drivable once again. Here are steps to take to remain safe while waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

Use Lighting To Your Advantage

If the lighting system in your vehicle is still in working condition, use illumination to alert others on the road of your presence. This way other motorists know your vehicle is possibly incapacitated at the moment, giving them ample time to move out of the way. It is best to utilize your hazard lighting system for this reason. If your vehicle's lighting system does not work, use flares or flashlights to let others know about your vehicle's condition.

Get To A Safe Location

Do not wander around near the roadway when you are waiting for the arrival of a tow truck. Stay inside your vehicle if it is in a location where it is not likely to be hit by an oncoming vehicle. If your vehicle is in the middle of the road or too far away from the curb, and you are in a high-traffic area, use the passenger side door to exit the vehicle and get to a spot with plenty of illumination. If you are in a desolate area, however, it is best to remain inside your vehicle no matter where it is situated on the road.

Decline Help From Strangers

While it is advantageous to have someone whisk you away from your vehicle and the road in an emergency, it is not wise to accept help from someone you do not know. Keep your window cracked and your door locked while awaiting a tow vehicle's help. Do not exit your vehicle unless you are able to go to a safe, public location within view of it. If a stranger stops at your vehicle to inquire whether you need assistance, politely decline and thank them for their concern. Let them know that a tow truck and the police are already on the way, even if you did not have the chance to contact them yet. This helps to minimize the chance of being robbed or injured by someone with bad intentions. 

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