Tips For Buying Used Auto Parts From Your Local Salvage Yard

Used auto parts are an excellent way to save money when you need a part for your car or truck. Many salvage yard or auto recyclers sell parts that are in good condition at lower prices than you can buy new parts for, but there are some things that you need to know when dealing with used auto parts for your vehicle.  

Parts Warranty

When you buy new parts for your car or truck, you usually get some form of warranty with the parts, but buying used auto parts often means that the warranty on the parts is minimal or the part does not have one. Most auto recyclers will offer a thirty-day warranty for used auto parts unless you modify the part of damage it when you are installing it in the car. 

There can be exceptions for some things like electrical components and parts like a light lens or small parts, so be sure to ask before you pay for the parts. If you are not sure the part is good and there is no way to test it before installing it, make sure you at least get the used auto parts dealer to agree to refund or replace the part if it does not work when you get it home.

Removing Parts

If you are buying used auto parts from a salvage yard that requires you to remove the parts yourself, you must take the tools you need to the yard. Most salvage yards will not have tools for you to use, and depending on the yard, they may or may not be able to pull the part off the car for you. 

Used auto parts yards are often self-service operations, but sometimes guys are hanging around that have tools and will remove the part for you for a fee. These guys make a living working for people pulling parts, but be aware they are often not affiliated with the salvage yard and that dealing with them is up to you. Most of the time, they will remove the part you request, and then you pay them for their work. Then, you take the part to the check out to pay for it. It can be a good option if you don't have what you need to do the work.

Parts Availability

When you are buying used auto parts, it important to know that the parts you need may not be available that day. The inventory changes often at these dealers, so call ahead, and if it is a part you need, do not hesitate to head to the yard right away if they have the part in stock.

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