What to Do While Waiting for a Tow Truck

If you drive a car, it is possible that you may need an auto towing service to come and get you off the side of the road somewhere. Even cars that get the best maintenance can break down. The important part is knowing what to do if your car breaks down. If you have to have your car towed in for repairs, knowing what to do while waiting for the tow truck is important and keep you safe. 

Stay With the Car

The most important thing you can do is to stay in the car so that when the tow truck arrives you can go with the driver to the repair shop. It may be safer to stay in the vehicle with the doors locked if you are on a stretch of road that is long, dark, and not heavily traveled. If you stay in the car, you can lock yourself in and put a layer of protection between you and any would-be assailant. 

Turn on Your Flashers

It is important that other drivers see your car so they do not run into it. Turn on the emergency flashers so that people recognize the car as broken down or at least stopped along the road. If the road is dark and you breakdown at night, you do not want to leave the headlights on because they will run the battery down very quickly, but the flashers can operate for a few hours in most cars with very little effect on the battery. 

Open the Hood

Opening the hood of the car and leaving it open is another signal that the car is not running and help is on the way. It will also make it easier for the tow truck operator to see the car as they approach, so open the hood and leave it up if you can. 

Keep Supplies in the Trunk

Another thing you may want to consider is keeping some water, a first aid kit, maybe a blanket or two, and a small tool kit in the trunk of your car. These items may come in handy if you breakdown in bad weather, have a medical emergency, or have a minor problem that you can try and fix while you wait. If you do fix the problem, you can cancel that tow but be sure you don't need it before you make that call. Canceling the tow and then calling to have them come back after can add a large delay to getting a tow truck on the scene for you.

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