How a Towing Company Can Help When a Vehicle Is Stranded

Are you in a position where you have to leave your car parked on the side of the road? Rather than leaving the vehicle until you can come back for it, you might want to consider calling for assistance from a towing company. The great thing about towing companies is that they usually offer numerous services for stranded vehicles. In this article, browse the list of common services that are offered by towing companies to determine if they can help with your situation

1. Power Up a Dead Battery

If you are leaving your vehicle on the side of the road due to a dead battery, you don't have to. A towing company can come and jump-start the battery to get your vehicle moving again. If the battery has simply become worn out from normal wear and tear, a towing company can bring a new one. Don't worry if you don't know how to install a new battery, as this can be done on your behalf.

2. Put More Coolant in Your Vehicle

There are some towing companies that can bring more coolant for your vehicle, such as if the engine has been overheating. You will need water, antifreeze, or both placed inside of the radiator to resolve the problem with overheating. A towing company will bring you the antifreeze of your choice to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle. You can put the coolant inside of the radiator on your own or leave the job to the tow-truck driver.

3. Fill Your Tank with Fuel

You don't want to abandon your vehicle just to get gas, as this provides enough time for a criminal to steal or rob it. If you call a towing company, you can stay with your vehicle while they bring gas to your location. You will even have the option of choosing the type of fuel that you want delivered. It is likely that the fuel will be delivered in a timely manner, so don't worry about having to wait for too long.

4. Place a New Tire on Your Vehicle

If you have a flat and don't know how to change the tire, a towing company can come in handy. A tow-truck driver will come and change the tire for you. If you don't have an extra tire around, he or she can bring one. Contact a towing company such as Martinez Towing for the assistance that you need.

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