3 Mistakes To Avoid When Towing Heavy Equipment

When you need to tow your equipment, there are some crucial mistakes that should always be avoided. It is important to remember to take the steps necessary to keep both yourself and others traveling the highway safe. The following are some mistakes that should be avoided and how to prevent them:

Not Knowing Your Towing Weight

Your tow vehicle can only carry so much weight. While it can be tempting to load as much equipment as possible, overloading your vehicle can cause a variety of problems, such as broken suspensions, overheated transmissions, or even failed brakes.

Always know your vehicles tow ratings before you begin to tow anything, especially if it is new equipment you have never transported before. You should also know your trailer's unloaded weight, which can be found on the vehicle identification number plate. Some vehicle ratings you should be aware of include the following:

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating- this is the weight limit for your towing vehicle, including passengers and cargo.

Gross Combination Weight Rating- this refers to the maximum weight of the tow vehicle plus the trailer with the equipment.

Towing Capacity- this is the amount of weight the vehicle can pull

Improperly Loading Equipment

To tow equipment safely, it must be loaded onto the trailer correctly. It must be distributed evenly so not to create an imbalance that could result in shifting during transport. It will also be necessary to secure the equipment to keep it from moving during turns and while driving through rugged terrain.

Underinflated Tires

When you are towing a heavy trailer with equipment loaded, it is absolutely crucial to ensure the tires are at the proper pressure. Driving a fully loaded towing vehicle with underinflated tires can be significantly dangerous as they produce more friction between the tires and the road. This can lead to blowouts that can result in severe accidents. Before towing, make it a practice to fully inspect not only the tire pressure but also the overall condition of the tires to prevent any problems during transport.

In addition to these mistakes, it is also important to remember to do a regular inspection of both the towing vehicle and the trailer to make sure it is in good shape for the road. Be certain the towing trailer is properly connected to the vehicle's electrical system so that the brake lights and turning signals are working properly.

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