5 Winter Driving Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Snowy and icy conditions definitely make it more difficult and dangerous to drive on the road. However, if you have to go to work or another important place, you can't avoid driving in the winter altogether. If you are very careful and pay attention to the road, you can reduce the risk of car breakdowns and accidents. Here are five winter driving mistakes you need to avoid:

Not Having an Accident Preparedness Kit

If you have to drive a long way in the wintertime, you should not leave home without an accident preparedness kit. If your car breaks down, at least you will have some items to keep you safe and warm. This kit should include blankets, a flashlight, water, a first-aid kit, an ice scraper and snacks.

Not Reducing Your Speed

When the roads are very slippery and snow is coming down hard, it is not wise to maintain your normal driving speed. If you drive too fast during these conditions, you can slide off the road. Drive at a speed that feels safe and stay at least several feet from the car in front of you.

Slamming Your Brakes

If you feel like you are slipping on ice, your immediate thought might be to slam your brakes. However, this can backfire and cause an accident. It is wiser to lightly tap your foot on the brake and turn your wheel slowly in the direction you want to drive.

Driving on Back Roads

If there is a lot of traffic on the mains roads, you may be tempted to take the back roads to get to your destination faster. However, if there is a lot of snow falling, you should avoid driving on the back roads. The city will take a longer time to clear these roads. If you get stuck on a back road, it may take a while for help to arrive.

Getting Out of Your Car

If you end up stranded somewhere, the last thing you should do is get out of your car and look for help. Walking around in icy and snowy conditions can be very dangerous and increase your risk of frost bite. You should sit tight in your car until help arrives.

Being more aware of your surroundings and taking the necessary precautions can help you avoid making these mistakes. Just use your good judgment, and you should be safe on the roads. Investigate various towing companies, such as Arctic Thunder Towing & Recovery, to find a company you'd like to use before you need emergency services.

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