The Do's And Don'ts Of Staying Safe As A Stranded Motorist On An Interstate

Stretching for many miles and withstanding a higher volume of traffic than most other roadways, any interstate highway is a scary place to find yourself stranded as a motorist. If your car fails you at the most inopportune time and you find yourself broken down on the shoulder of a busy interstate, you can always count on an emergency towing service to help you out, but it can still be dangerous. There are a few do's and don'ts that you should always keep in mind to help you stay safe as the unlucky driver stranded on an interstate highway. 

Do call for help right away. 

When your car first starts acting up, get over to the shoulder of the interstate as quickly as possible. Then your immediate response should be to call for help. Because of the fact that there can be many miles between cities and exits on an interstate, it can take a bit of time for a tow truck to get to your location, so the sooner you can call for help the better off you will be. 

Don't get out of your car to try to make repairs. 

One of the biggest dangers of being stranded on an interstate shoulder is that the cars could be flying past you at a high rate of speed, and these drivers are often not on the lookout for stranded motorists or pedestrians. Therefore, it is always best to stay inside of your vehicle until help arrives. 

Do keep your emergency blinkers and headlights on to stay visible. 

If you are stranded anytime, you should try to remain as visible as possible, but this is especially true if you are stranded on an interstate highway. Keep your headlights and emergency blinkers on as long as you have battery power and don't worry about draining the power because a tow truck driver can easily give you a jump when he arrives. 

Don't put yourself in a dangerous situation by accepting help from a stranger. 

You may be more than ready to get your car back on the road to complete your trip, but don't let your precarious predicament cloud your judgment. There may be people who are willing to stop and help a stranded motorist, but there are also people who will try to take advantage of a stranded motorist's vulnerable situation. Keep your doors locked and your windows closed. If people approach your vehicle, kindly let them know through a cracked window that you already have help on the way. 

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